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Third time’s the charm for Peter Parker in the Marvel reboot Spiderman Homecoming.

After three reboots, five standalone Spiderman films & 2 Peter Parker’s, fans of the loved character can be assured now because Spiderman’s home.
With the first Spiderman outing in the MCU, Marvel is set to dominate the box office again and we have no doubt that this is going to be the best Spiderman movie till date paying due to the following reasons.

Yes, the British actor is the main reason that makes this reboot differ from its predecessor. When Sam Raimi’s first Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire came out in 2002, how many of us dreamed to grow up to be Spiderman or at least play the role of Spiderman? I know I did but soon reality hit me that they are never going to cast an Asian Spiderman (Otherwise, believe me, I qualify)
Well amidst those million kids, Tom Holland was one. He was only six when Spiderman came out and it must have been his dream ever since. How do we know this? Check out the clip at the end of the article below where he tells he would love to play Spiderman back in 2013 when Sony was making the lackluster Spiderman movies with Andrew Garfield.

Well, his dream came true in the next two years on June 23, 2015 when Marvel announced on their website he would be the next Spiderman and he gained almost a million followers on Instagram overnight and turned into a household name.
Spiderman Homecoming revolves around Peter Parker’s high school life at age 15 and at age 21, Tom Holland brings about the right amalgamation of teen innocence, charm, freshness and humour to the character, something previous actors who played Spiderman could never do which makes this Spiderman, the most relatable portrayal of the web-slinger.
With his debut in Civil War and limited screen time, critics and audiences already declared Tom as the best Spiderman onscreen and the early reviews of Homecoming suggest the same. So sit back all you Spiderman lovers, he is finally HOME.


While almost every movie in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe for the uninitiated) is going nuts about the infinity stones and setting the universe up for Infinity Wars, we finally get a breath of fresh air in MCU with Homecoming where we get a teen with super abilities, a nerdy-geeky best friend, a high school love interest, a bully who thinks he is cool and a rebellious girl who thinks almost everyone is a loser (Well, that’s what the trailers suggest) So this makes Homecoming, a movie about a kid who suddenly got super powers and now he is finding it hard to balance his social life, deal with his Chemistry homework and saving New York which makes it an unprecedented act in MCU, obviously apart from saving NYC.


Oh! When we got the first look at Spiderman’s new villain, boy did it horrified fans heart. Michael looked absolutely menacing as The Vulture and we have no doubt the actor who previously played the role of Batman in the 1989 film will be equally savaging as the Vulture and will finally fix Marvel’s problem of finding an equally thrilling antagonist as the protagonist.


Though things have been shady between Marvel and Sony with the rights of Spiderman, for now, it’s safe to say that Marvel has the full creative control on our web-slinger. Though his future after Infinity Wars and Homecoming sequel is rather uncertain in MCU, for now Sony is mostly associating itself with the marketing and reaping off the financial benefits that the movie is going to make.
But let’s not get technical here, the good news is that with Marvel’s supervision (which even made us even care about characters like Ant Man and Thor) and the fact that Spiderman will now fight against the Earth’s Mightiest, one can only awe at the depiction of Tom Holland’s Wallcrawler in the MCU.


Even after three Iron Man movies and two Avengers, have we ever gotten enough of Robert’s portrayal of Tony Stark? No. Never.
Seeing Tony Stark and Peter Parker share the same screen space are what geeky dreams are made of and though the trailers suggest that he has been offered a lot more screen space, the early reviews have confirmed he is just there to guide Tom Holland as a mentor (Which if you think about, Tony Stark is the first father like figure for Peter since uncle Ben Died in MCU) *Cries in silence* and has limited screen time.


Marissa Tomei
Marissa Tomei

Okay! This one’s a little off topic but never in the history of Aunt Mays has an Aunt May managed to look so hot. And obviously, we can expect more of the awkward flirtation between Tony Stark and Aunt May as we briefly saw and hilariously enjoyed in Civil War. Check out Marisa Tomei in one of the screenshots from the movies and tell me I am wrong.

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