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FilmiAdda met Actor Rishi Bhutani ahead of his upcoming film “Ram Ratan” for a one to one conversation and were we impressed.

Actor Rishi Bhutani is no newcomer to the industry. Rishi made his film debut with the 2009 psychological thriller Bolo Raam where he played the titular character who gets framed for murdering his mother. The role won him accolades among audiences and critics as well. Rishi was also nominated for his performance at Lions Gold Awards in 2009. In 2012, Bhutani acted in a short film LOC… A Playground where he played a role of an Indian army soldier. The film won awards including Critics Award for Sport Promotion and Best Film on National Integration at the Imphal International Short Film Festival 2012. Rishi also played the role of Jawaharlal Nehru in the biopic drama Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan (2015). And now he is promoting his upcoming Film Ram Ratan with Daisy Shah.

Ram Ratan Photoshoot
Ram Ratan Photoshoot

The meeting was impromptu but the actor was sporting enough to oblige. Here are the excerpts of the interview;

FA: Tell us about your experience while working on Ram Ratan.

Rishi : An actor grows with each film and I had the opportunity to work with Actors Like Satish Kaushik, Rajpal Yadav, although I worked with Rajpal Yadav on my first Film “Bolo Raam” , Mahesh Thakur, Sudha Chandran. These actors are the best in their work and working with them, learning with them was an experience in itself.

FA : What changes do you see in yourself from Bolo Raam to Ram Ratan?

Rishi : I’ve grown… as an actor I have grown… and I really want to grow more as an actor. I keep learning from my mistakes. And the name comes to a full circle in a way with Bolo Raam & Ram Ratan… both films have Ram in their title and my characters were named Raam… although I do have a Raavan inside me… which is very active… (laughs) but jokes apart as an individual we all have many shades. I Play Ram in Ram Ratan and Daisy Shah plays Ratan… hence the name Ram Ratan… And I’m like a kid… I always want to learn more from everyday… and I think that’s the only way to grow.

FA : What was the one thing that impressed you most about Ram Ratan?

Rishi : There is a  keypoint to every film. This film has a beautiful keypoint with Masti and Fun along with a message. That is the beauty of cinema. Instead of preaching, cinema has the power to influence in a very entertaining way. Ram Ratan is a Fun film with underlying messages in a subtle way. I love the way 3 Idiots passed messages in the film and am a fan of the scene where the teacher asks Aamir khan to define MACHINE… It sends out a strong message..

Ram Ratan Poster
Ram Ratan Poster

FA : How was it working with Director Govind Sakaria?

Rishi : He is a very experienced director with 30+ films in Gujarat. He is quite in control of the set and has already proven his calibre with his films. He knows exactly what he wants and it was great working with him.

FA : This year you have 2 films releasing?

Rishi :  Yes. I am happy about that too. Ram Ratan will be releasing now and my next film Vodka Diaries releases in November 2017.

FA : What message would Rishi Bhutani want to give out to the youth of today?

Rishi : Be passionate… everyone should be passionate about what they want and do. The youth know what they want… but my message is there is no shortcut to success… think Big… be passionate and follow your goals… and success shall be yours…

Well that was quite a lot to process and we at team FilmiAdda wish Rishi Bhutani loads of success for Ram Ratan and for his other upcoming films.

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