Simran Review
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Simran fails to Impress despite Kangana Ranaut’s fan following & Publicity.

Yes, it’s a Friday and today I am bringing you the review of Kangana Ranaut Starrer ‘Simran’
A lot of people were waiting for the Kangana Ranaut movie  Simran (especially after all the buzz she has created by talking about some big names in Bollywood of late).  Simran is Directed by Hansal Mehta and is written by Apurva Asrani. These guys have together brought us films  like Aligarh, City lights and Shahid. Apurva has also done the screenplay of this film.  The music of this film is handled by Sachin – Jigar.
There are no big names in this movie apart from Kangana. This story is about a Gujarati girl’s life in Atlanta and how she gets messed up. Now talking of Kangana, we have seen her doing fantastic roles in movies like Queen and Tanu Weds Manu series, so there is a natural anticipation for us to see her in movies that are outstanding. Unfortunately, this film does not meet that expectation at all. After watching movies like City lights and Shahid, the audiences expect much more from the veteran director Hansal Mehta. The storyline is unbelievably silly and fails to keep the audience engaged.
Simran First Look
Honestly, while watching  the film, the one question that kept coming to my head was, that did Kangana Ranaut bring back all the old unpleasant episodes with the biggies in Bollywood? Was it to create enough limelight so that the movie gets a decent opening? Did she anticipate that the film would not garner merit on its own hence the publicity? Even the promotions of the film left a lot to be desired.
The music of the film is soothing and the songs are well placed in the film (thank God), but overall the silliness of the storyline fails to strike a chord.
Simran fails to impress and does not deserve anything more than 2 out of 5 stars. If you are a Kangana fan, I know you would want to watch the film. I would suggest that you please go to the theatres with zero expectations.

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